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Hello class!

If you have discovered this web page, then we're guessing you're either about to see, or have already seen our grosstacular show You Are a Doughnut — we hope you love/loved the show!

Below are a whole stack of links to information, activities and other exciting things to help you continue your digestive journey.



This page is a work in progress — as we prepare for touring in 2024... COME BACK SOON!

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Digest This!


Clicking each of the buttons below will take you to a new page or document:

Take an online tour of the human digestive system. (Coming 2024).

Some foods can change the colour of your poop — but which foods? (Coming 2024).

You've seen the show... now, colour it in!


Our show introduces a whole stack of scientific jargon — we've created this handy guide! (Coming 2024).

Science concepts and ideas explored during this show include:

Physical digestion, chemical digestion, enzymes, peristalsis, vomiting, bile, emulsification, how food effects the colour of faeces.

The show also examines the purpose and function of the following sections/organs of the digestive system: mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. 


M   RE FR   M

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More From That Science Gang

If you'd like to dive into even more science content, then check out the rubbishy antics of the Oesoph and Dewey's good friend the Trash Can Man in the web series This Show is NOT Rubbish!, as well as some fab science shenanigans in Let's Explore!

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